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The Quality of our Service is Through the Roof!

A dirty roof doesn’t just ruin your home’s curb appeal, but roof cleaning is a crucial part of overall home maintenance. Keeping your roof clean helps prevents corrosion, allows the roof to retain its functionality, and extends its lifespan. In places such as North Carolina, the climate is highly favorable to algae growth. The dark and damp crevices of your roof can provide the ideal breeding growth for their proliferation. If left unchecked, they can extensively damage your roof and incur costly expenses for repairs. Periodic roof cleaning can remove algae and moss infestation and make your roof look as good as new.

For achieving the best roof cleaning result, it is better to hire a professional roof cleaning service that has the proper knowledge and experience to do the job effectively and safely. Clearvue Window Cleaning provides quality roof cleaning service which is above and beyond that of the competition.

What Sets Us Apart?

With nearly a decade of experience in the business and hundreds of past satisfied clients, Clearvue Window Cleaning has acquired a reputation of excellence in roof cleaning. We set ourselves apart by offering:

Superior Cleaning

Each roof is different, and so is our approach to each one. For hard roof surfaces, we offer soft washing for the effective removal of all dirt and grime. For more sensitive shingles and wooden roofs, we offer soft washing to achieve the same spotless results.

The Highest Standards

We actively seek to maintain the highest standards when it comes to our roof cleaning service. Our team of experienced and well-trained cleaning crew is OSHA certified and comes fully insured. Our crew is continuously trained in the know-how of the latest industry best practices. This allows us to always stay ahead of our competition.

The Best Prices

We go above and beyond, not just in the services we provide but also in our great prices. Get a free estimate from us today by filling in the form below:


Have a dirty roof and want it cleaned? Clearvue Window Cleaning provides a roof cleaning service like no other for customers in surrounding areas like Raleigh, Wilson, Greenville, Lake Gaston, Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, Morehead, and Beaufort, NC. To book an appointment, or if you have any questions, give us a call at (252) 382-8101.

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