Commercial Soft Washing/Pressure Washing in Rocky Mount, NC

Sometimes, All Your Property Needs Is a Good Wash

Whether your commercial property is made of wood, cement, metal, stone, vinyl, or any other material,  it will begin to look faded, drab, dirty, and worn out over time. This can make commercial property owners think that the building need repainting or resurfacing.

However, most of the time, all it needs is a good clean.

A lot of times when you see the walls, windows, and doors of your property become dull, dark, and tarnished, it is just because of a bacteria known as Gloeocapsa magma. These bacteria closely resemble algae and are easily transported through the air. When it lands on your property, it starts to proliferate. Over time, the entire surface of your building darkens and may even become damaged.

That’s why we offer soft washing and pressure washing services in eastern North Carolina.

Soft Washing in Rocky Mount, NC

In eastern North Carolina, especially Rocky Mount and other cities around it, mold, mildew, and bacteria on roofs and walls is a common sight. There is a way to gently remove these unsightly things from your property.

Soft washing uses a water pressure of 1000psi or lower and is used in conjunction with a biodegradable chemical. The purpose of this chemical is to remove pathogens like mold, mildew, moss, algae, bacteria, dirt, and pollen from the building without damaging its surface or harming the plants in the vicinity.

At ClearVue, we also offer you a fungicide additive, which not only kills harmful biological elements, but also prevents mold and algae from resurfaces several months after the first application.

Soft washing is the best way to clean the roof of your commercial property in Rocky Mount, so call ClearVue today.

Pressure Washing in Rocky Mount, NC

Pressure washing, also known as power washing, are machines that spray water under high pressure. The pressurized water is very effective in removing dirt, mold, grime, loose paint, and chewing gums from the surface of your commercial building.

However, to ensure you do a good job, you need to be very careful since pressure washing has the potential to damage the building.

Not so with ClearVue.

We recommend using our pressure washing services in eastern North Carolina. Pressure washing should ideally only be done if you want to get a surface ready for painting or clean concrete to prepare it for sealing.

Benefits of Using ClearVue in Rocky Mount

If you live in Rocky Mount, ClearVue can offer you clear benefits:

Biodegradable: ClearVue cleaners are all biodegradable and they break down into water and carbon within a month of going up in the environment.

Water-based: ClearVue washing services only consist of water-based cleaners and have no harmful solvents or phosphates.

Safe: All of CLearVue cleaning systems are non-toxic and do not require any special storage or handling precautions.

Keeping a commercial property clean and safe is vital when you are running a business. If your building’s walls, roofs, awnings, patios, decks, fences or hardscape have been discolored or tarnished due to the elements, ClearVue can make them squeaky clean once again.

No matter what size job you require, our team of insured service technicians will give the proper care and attention to your commercial property to make it look brand new again.

If you want to hire our services, visit us at or call us at 252.382.8101.

Clearvue Window Cleaning – providing first-rate window cleaning service year-round around Rocky Mount as well as surrounding areas like Raleigh ,Wilson, Greenville, Lake Gaston, Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, Morehead, and Beaufort, NC. To book an appointment, or if you have any questions, give us a call at (252) 382-8101.

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