Window Cleaning

We're trained to properly clean and maneuver your windows so they're not damaged in any way.  We clean interior windows traditionally with a window mop and squeegee to remove dust, grease and finger prints with environmentally safe and pet friendly soaps.  For exterior windows we have a water purification system that allows us to clean up to 4 stories from the ground safely and effectively leaving your windows spot and streak free.  We reccomend at least annual cleaning to remove the dirt, grime and pollen build up on your windows to help protect them.  We also offer hard water spot removal. 

Low Pressure House/Building Washing

 We are trained and educated on safely and properly cleaning all exterior surfaces of your home and business.  We use a low pressure washing method so we don't damage any siding, roofing or decking.  Different surfaces require different chemicals and detergents and by having this knowledge we can safely and properly clean them for you.  Everything we use is environmentally friendly and all landscape and vegetation is fully protected.

When your home goes unwashed, an unlimited amount of dirt, grime, mold and mildew can accumulate which can cause not only damage to your property but also your health.  By having a regular wash done at least once a year you can help extend the life of your home and provide that new home feel you love!

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are meant to keep water off and away from your home.  When your gutters become full with leaves and other debris it also collects water and won't drain properly. When gutters don't drain properly due to being full, the standing water can cause wood rot in your roof, fascia and siding. It can also cause damage to your gutters by being weighed down and encourages rust and breeding areas for mosquitos. By having gutter cleaning regularly at least once a year you will help prevent major home repairs. 

Deck/Dock Cleaning and Sealing

 Decks and Docks are constantly being walked on, rained on and even snowed on. Being a flat surface everything just sits and eventually embeds itself into the wood causing damage.  Dirt, dust, mildew, mold and algae build up causes the deck or dock to become slippery and hazardous.  When washing wood surfaces we use special cleaning agents for wood that lifts the dirt out and then use a low pressure cleaning method that doesn't hurt or damage the wood.  When working with docks we use a very specific cleaner and sealant that is marine friendly and not harmful to use over water.  By washing and sealing these wood surfaces it not only protects the wood from these natural elements but it also extends the life of your wood saving you costly repairs down the road.